TechTeach 2015

The theme of the 2015 TechTeach conference is Building Student Success.

The conference showcases the successes of our UIC community, current challenges, and opportunities in technology assisted teaching and learning. It is an opportunity to collaborate, explore, and discuss the most effective use of technology in teaching and learning.

To speak on how he is Building Student Success using reflective, scholarly and scientific teaching, Dr. Colin Montpetit will be giving the keynote address this year. Join us for what promises to be a dynamic speech delivery on student engagement in the classroom. You can learn more about Dr. Montpetit and his keynote speech here.

Building YOUR OWN Student Success

This year, TechTeach is all about Building Student Success using the Basic Principles of Teaching with Technology. All sessions will include at least one basic principle to help you best incorporate technology into your teaching. Click on any of the basic principles to learn more about them to help you choose the sessions you want to attend.

Basic Principles of Teaching with Technology